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Somebody That UUsed To Know: Homestuck Anime Episode Guide, Season Five




5x01 - Welcome To Alternia!! Don’t Be A Grump, Karkat

5x02 - I’m Blind, Remember?? Ace Investigator Terezi Takes Center Stage!!

5x03 - Double Trouble!! Sollux And The Mysterious Psychic Girl!!

5x04 - Fiduspawn, Go!! Playtime With Tavros And Tinkerbull

5x05 - The Apocalypse Is Coming!! Who Is The Playful Cat Girl?

5x06 - Ghosts And Spiders!! Enter The Medium, Quickly!

5x07 - Revenge!!! The White Text Will Manipulate You

5x08 - Backstabbing And Betrayals!! No, I Don’t Want This Love Chip!

5x09 - Hello, Kanaya!! The Virgin Mother Will Always Protect

5x10 - Fly, Pupa, Fly!! Adventures Abound, But Is This Romance Really Okay??

5x11 - Two Seadwellers, One Introduction!! My Mother Is A Horrorterror

5x12 - Mobius Double Reacharound!! Hussie, Why Are They Kissing??

5x13 - Everyone Is On An Adventure Now!!! Send These Exiles Away

5x14 - Go Forth, Everyone!! Read The Memos And Prepare For The Final Battle

5x15 - Make Her Pay!! My Revenge Is Only The Beginning

5x16 - The End Arrives, But Where Is The Reward?? A Demon Strikes And Dooms Us All


5x17 - Welcome Back, John!! Trolls And Humans Collide!!

5x18 - Love Blooms On A Lavender Timeline?? Rose, You Are Really Indecent!!

5x19 - Destruction Everywhere!! John And Dave On A Quest To Be Number One

5x20 - A Preposterous Amount Of Money!! Dave And Terezi Bond, But What Does Karkat Want???

5x21 - Explore The Lab, Karkat!! John, It Is Your Turn To Save The Day

5x22 - Shut Up, Karkat!! I Have Had It With These Trolls!!

5x23 - An Intense Blaze Engulfs The Land!! Jack Noir On A Rampage

5x24 - Jade Finally Enters The Medium!! Bec, What Have You Done??

5x25 - The Green Flame Ignites A Planet - John, Do The Windy Thing!!!

5x26 - Welcome To A Snowy Land!! The Exiles Have A Plan??

5x27 - Hello, Fairy God Trolls - Tavros, Is It Really Okay??

5x28 - The Heir Rises Up!!! Death Of A Hero, Or Is It??

5x29 - Kill Me - Elegy For A Dying Thief

5x30 - Windfall - A Christmas Bonanza, But Why Is Aradia Saying Goodbye???

5x31 - Jadesprite Is Unhappy!! Hussie, Please Save Us From The Tears

5x32 - Bad Dreams For Everyone - An Apocalypse Arisen But Adios, Toreador

5x33 - Murder In The Lab!!! No Time To Rest In Peace, Gamzee’s Insanity Strikes!

5x34 - Investigation!!! Can We Revive Them?

5x35 - Insane Clown Rampage!!! Go Forth, John, And Find Your Father!

5x36 - Farewell, Equius And Nepeta - Will The Killing Ever Stop???

5x37 - Welcome To The Afterlife - The Mission Is Yours Now, John

5x38 - Showdown!!! Kanaya Is Back, But Now Our Parents Are Dead Too??

5x39 - Aradia At The Green Sun - Cal’s Tale Reveals An Unsettling Truth??

5x40 - Birth Of The Omnipotent - Welcome To My Home, Slick

5x41 - Grimdark!!!! Rose Is Lost, Can I Still Save The Day?

5x42 - The Thorns Bleed Tears - At The Price Of Oblivion, I Will Stop You!!!

5x43 - Our Ancestors Foreshadow The Future!! Mindfang VS Redglare!

5x44 - The Disk Is Scratched!! Tell Us, Doctor, How Does The Duel End??

5x45 - Round Two VS Jack Noir!! Vriska, What Have You Done?

5x46 - Clock Ticks Down To Doomsday - Will Any Of Us Survive??

5x47 - Will You Remember Me??? The Scrapbook Shows Us Everything

5x48 - Derse Dreamers On The Road To Suicide!!! Who Will Remain Behind?

5x49 - Tales Of The Sprites - I Must Save My Sibling!!!

5x50 - Jade’s Tale - Frog Breeding Is A Tough Job!!

5x51 - Terminal Cancer - Our Universe Was Doomed From The Very Start???

5x52 - The Girl In Green Attacks!!! Scratch, What Have You Done?

5x53 - Battle In The Felt Mansion!! The Empress Is On The Move!

5x54 - A Tale Long Since Forgotten - The Signless Speaks For Peace!!

5x55 - Hussie On A Hunt!!! This History Lesson Has Got To End

5x56 - Escape, Handmaid!!! The Reins Of The Story Are Mine Once More

5x57 - Final Showdown On The Meteor!!! Can Shoosh And Pap Calm The Raging Clown???


Mx01 - Cascade

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